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Blade Runner… designers do dream of electric sheep.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023


Catching up on some film watching recently, it must have been the constant rain we have had (for months it seems) that triggered my sub conscious, I rewatched Blade Runner (the original) for the umpteenth time. But rather than watching just the film… I caught up with the 'extras' that now come with many films which (on the whole) never normally bother with. I amazed to discover (through my own ignorance) a veritable treasure trove of back ground footage about the making of one of history's most important science fiction films.

One segment which focused on the graphic design elements used in the film, 'Sign of the Times: Graphic Design' looks at the designers/illustrators who worked on myriad of items. Ridley Scott's vision and attention to detail meant that everything had a to have certain look, from set design, lighting, costumes even the phone card device Harrison Ford uses during the film. Amazingly all created by hand using existing technology. No Mac's here! The scope and scale is something to believe! The stress of designing and producing so many bespoke items with little money and tight deadlines… and yet I can't help thinking that designers do dream of electric sheep. I being one of them.

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